By Unknown
An old story goes : a cat was hunting down all the mice in a house. The mice , therefore, called a meeting to find a way out of the crisis. They decided to seek the help of a consultant. The consultant advised, "It is actually quite simple. Just tie a bell around the cat's neck, so that u will be warned of her moves." He took his fees and was about to leave, when a small smart mouse squeaked, "who is gonna bell that cat?" The consultant said, "My job is to suggest a solution to ur problem- how u go about implementing it, is ur concern."

The little mouse thought hard. The next day, he drugged the cat. When the cat was fast asleep, he secured the bell around the cat's neck.

The moral of the story is:
1. Advice and advisers are often easily available, but execution is difficult. All talkers are not doers.

2. One can achieve desired results if one can be solution-focused, far-sighted  and willing to translate his vision into action. This is called CONVICTION. We must proceed with the assumption, that a solution exists. All that we have to do, is to find it.

3.The Creativity and Courage of one can save many.


Youth is the Symbol of Dynamism, Growth and Development

By Unknown
Youth is the symbol of Dynamism, Growth and Development. The real agents of change not political or corporate leaders, but YOUTH. Whenever the words 'youth' and 'dynamism' are mentioned, our minds are drawn to Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda was a patriotic saint. Once, while addressing a large audience, he repeatedly referred India as, "My Country...My Motherland.." Someone from the audience asked him, "The whole world is ur country, Why do u limit urself to a geographical boundaries?" Swami Vivekananda replied, "A country is like a mother, if u don't respect ur own mother, how will u respect someone else's mother?"

The sad part is, in India today it is difficult to find an Indian. Where is the Indian? You can find a Gujarati, a Marathi, a Bengali or a Punjabi, but where is the Indian? Feelings of regionalism,communalism, casteism and the absence of a strong national sentiment plague the nation and make it possible for power-hungry politicians to convert our democracy into anarchy.

Hence, the youth must wake up whose conscience has gone to sleep, but not yet DEAD..!!!